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Still Waiting For That Special Bus

Still Waiting for that Special Bus is a compelling, semi-autobiographical story that takes us into the living room of a guy who simply wants to go out on a date. But this guy has a disability and has to wait for Accessible Transport to take him on his date. And the longer Marc waits for his bus, the more he worries:  Is Linda going to be the woman of my dreams or my worst nightmare? Marc has only one way to find out, and that requires his bus to show up! But Para Transpo is getting later and later... Will Marc ever get to his date?

Written and performed by Alan Shain, this play challenges many assumptions about the lives of disabled people and is, at the same time, funny, angry, tender, and always very real.

“A thoughtful one-man comedy about sex and the single wheelchair-guy.”

- Winnipeg Free Press

“A casual but riveting performance... A simple tale but it has that lived quality and the pain behind the humour is very real.”

- RealTime Magazine, Sydney, Australia





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