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Alan first started storytelling with the Montreal Storytellers' Club. After moving to Ottawa and diving into stand-up comedy, theatre and dance, Alan was re-introduced to the soft, gentle ways of storytelling in 2001. His debut performance was at the Fourth Stage of the National Arts Centre as part of a program presented by Ottawa Storytellers. He has since toured to professional storytelling events throughout North America including the First Night festival in Vermont and the Canmore Children’s Festival in Alberta. He is an active member of the Ottawa Storytellers, has performed each year at the Ottawa Storytellers’ Festival between 2002 and 2007, has appeared regularly at the Fourth Stage of the National Art Centre’s since 2001 and was one of the few invited guests to the Toronto Storytellers’ Festival in 2004.

Alan has studied storytelling with Jan Andrews, the Toronto Storytelling Festival, Ottawa Storytellers, and the School of Storytellers. He is a master at shaping his material so that listeners cannot help but enter into the world of his stories evoking laughter, pain, joy, and personal discovery.

Current Stories
Alan currently tours to schools and communities, as well as to conferences and professional performance events. He blends both personal stories and folktales within his programs. His personal stories explore the lived experience of disability in terms of the search for love, acceptance and community. The folktales he is drawn to tell challenge perceptions based on gender, age and physical and moral strength. He loves to tell wise fool tales and stories involving giants of all different shapes, sizes and temperament. Alan tailors his storytelling programs to suit various ages from children through youth and adults. He can also adapt stories to fill into a variety of time blocks and performance settings. Below are some sample programs:

Hatching a Dragon is a full-length storytelling programme created with Ottawa-based teller Kim Kilpatrick. These stories around disability take us from childhood fantasy and schoolyard bravado to university halls and first time romances. Have you ever vied for admiration and friendship? Would you trade your chocolate Easter eggs in for a dragon to exact revenge? Have you ever dreamed of being able to explore the world? Would you trade in these dreams for love and romance? Have you ever been offered dating advice from your bus driver or been complimented on being able to spell your name properly at age 21? Kim and Alan's stories confront both personal and social barriers. Through the lived experience of disability, they explore the transformative powers of love and self-worth, friendship and community. But who is actually being transformed? How? And to what end? As the hatched dragon breathes its own fire, the hatched story breathes its own truth.

My Travels with Colleen examines the hilarious, technically challenging yet poignantly human situation of two physically disabled people bringing their bodies together for the first time.

First Day in the School Yard recounts Alan’s true experiences of going to a “regular school” for the first time to attend Grade Six. He struggles with gaining acceptance, making friends and finding his place in the school yard.




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