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Pathways Magazine: An Interview with Alan Shain

Toronto Rehab Magazine: About Alan


“…unquenchable spirit…”
– Robert Crew Toronto Star

“A casual but riveting performance...a simple tale but it has that lived quality and the pain behind the humour is very real.”
– RealTime Magazine, Sydney, Australia

“Alan Shain’s comedy has attitude”
– Ability Arts Festival

“Authenticity is everything with this insightful little monologue.”
– Bartley Kives Winnipeg Free Press

“Humour that breaks barriers”
– Footscray News, Australia

"I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to you for the highly successful presentation of Still Waiting for that Special Bus as an official event in the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Arts Festival... We have received great feedback about the show... the Sydney audiences very much appreciated your wry sense of humour..."
– Craig Hassall Image, Special Events and Olympic Arts Festivals, Sydney

“A thoughtful one-man comedy about sex and the single wheelchair-guy.”
– Winnipeg Free Press.

“You.. won’t have seen anything quite like Time to Put My Socks On.”
– Robert Crew Toronto Star

“Now this is original. I was entranced by a one-hour glimpse into the world of someone I'd rather not have thought about. The wit, irony and intelligence of [the main character's] words were captivating, his candor not bitter. Alan's timing is perfect. As well as entertaining me, this play has marked me - smashing stereotypes - as is the aim. Thank you...!"
– Montreal Fringe audience review

“This show definitely challenges the audience to deal with the sexuality of disabled people and the problem of independence in a world built for currently abled-body people. Although it might make some people uncomfortable, it's an excellent show, probably for this very reason.”
– Montreal Fringe audience review

“I can't stop thinking about this show. It really blew me away and made me re-think so many of my assumptions about people. Anyone who sees this show will be a better person for it!”
– Montreal Fringe audience review

“I was totally blown away by this guy. He's hilarious, edgy and I can't stop thinking about the show. Real piece of original theatre this one.”
– Montreal Fringe audience review

"Alan is a seasoned, articulate writer and performer of his original material... The material that Alan delivered was just perfect for our audience. I would rcommend Alan Shain to any organisation planning a conference or meeting."
– Frank Smith National Educational Association of Disabled Students

“His use of humour to paint powerful word pictures… demonstrated just how powerful storytelling can be.”
– CPEF Kananaskis Conference

“[Alan’s stories] are rich stories that take me to places I had not imagined. And the humour!”
– Conference participant

“A humorous yet frank insight into the frustrations of developing relationships with a person with a disability.”
– Conference Coordinator Australia

"...the laughter that filled the room shows that your act was greatly enjoyed by all..."
– University of Vermont - Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity

“An outstanding performance.”
– Toronto Rehab

"You made me aware of the fact the power of words are the most powerful things in the universe and they can change the way people look at you."
– Gr. 7 Student letter

“Dear Alan Shain, Thank you. I learned from you to always be determine for your goals in life and always stand up for yourself.”
– Gr. 7 Student letter

“P.S. I wish I had a friend as nice, funny and cool as you.”
– Gr. 7 Student Letter

“Dear Alan Shain, … thank you for coming to school to share your wonderful stories with us. I will definitely tell that ghost story to my family and friends. You are awesome.”
– Student Letter

“Our day got way better when we heard your awesome stories.”
– Student Letter

“I always [used to] think [that] people like you are did not know everything. Now [I know] I was wrong. Thank you.”
– Student Letter

“Thank you for opening and inspiring these young minds!”
– Jr. High School Teacher









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